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October 2016


Peach Parfait Recipe

October 31, 2016
Peach Parfait Recipe

Happy Halloween!!  It’s Monday already and the weekend flew by.  I’ve been extremely busy these last couple of weeks and have not been able to post.  So, today, I’m making it a point to share this quick and healthy Continue Reading…


Yummly Publisher

October 17, 2016

Hi There, I just wanted to let you know that Cooking with Bliss is now a Yummly Publisher.  In case you’re not familiar with Yummly, it’s an amazing food site where you can search for thousands of recipes tailored to your own specific taste and diet.  This tool is very user-friendly and allows you to create your very own recipe box where you can save all of your favorite recipes in one convenient location.  If you yum any of my recipes, they too will save to your recipe box.  On the top and bottom of each of my recipes here on the blog, you’ll find a gray social share area.  If you go to that area and click on the “Y”, that specific recipe will automatically save to your recipe box on

So, you can yum my recipes in either of 2 ways:

  1. You can simply click on the “Y” in the gray social share area as noted above OR
  2. You can click the link to Cooking with Bliss Yummy Publisher Page and yum your favorite recipes

If you don’t have an account, you can set one up within a couple of minutes – literally just head on over to So, let’s start yumming with a simple click.



Easy Healthy Turkey Bolognese

October 10, 2016
easy healthy turkey bolognese

Easy Healthy Turkey Bolognese – the perfect Sunday lunch.

I can’t believe the weekend is over.  It’s Monday already and a holiday for some.  I also can’t believe we’re heading into the 2nd week of October – WOW!

Continue Reading…


Homemade Moist Yellow Cake

October 5, 2016
homemade moist yellow cake

I think we are long overdue for a little indulgence.  If you’ve read my ‘About Page’, you’ll soon find out that I have a major sweet tooth.  Oh yeah, homemade cakes, pies, cookies or candy, I just can’t handle it.  So today, I thought this would be a good time to share my Homemade Moist Yellow Cake recipe. Continue Reading…