Whole30 Week 3

Whole30 Week 3 - I'm still at it and feeling good. Nothing can stop me now. I'm in this wholeheartedly and staying disciplined. I can't stress enough how simplicity played a key role in helping with my success.

whole30 week 3

Whole30 Week 3 – I’m at the home stretch and feeling good.  Yes, I can’t believe how far I’ve come without consuming desserts, pastas, grains and the like.  I do have the will-power! This is proof that I can go without sugar for an extended period of time.  Prior to starting the Whole30, it just came natural for me to say “No way, I could never go without sugar or dessert for more than a couple days let alone 30 days”.  Now, with my taking on this challenge, that’s water under the bridge – so the saying goes.

Although I’ve come this far, I’m afraid that this week may be more challenging than previous weeks.  With that said, my will-power has to be on point.  There’s no way, I’m going to digress and have to start over for a mistake that I could have so easily prevented.  I’m in it to win.

Anyhow, this past Saturday, I wanted Pizza with Pesto Sauce and these Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies made with applesauce.  My craving was not out of control, but I would have loved to wrap my lips around a delicious slice of my pesto pizza and those melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookies.  But, I stayed strong and kept focusing on the progress I’ve made so far and that really helped me get over the hump and head into Whole30 Week 3 fresh.

Whole30 Week 3 Results

Since day one of Whole30 now I’m in Whole30 Week 3, I haven’t experienced any mood changes, difference in energy level or sleep patterns – not to say this is a bad thing.  I’ve been very consistent in those areas and I’m attributing this to the fact that I was already a pretty healthy eater and performed moderate physical activity before taking on this challenge.   Because of that, I do not think my body felt the need to detox from an overload of bad habits.  As a result I haven’t experienced any noticeable changes in my mood, and it still feels good.  However, a noticeable change that I see and feel is with my weight.  I didn’t weigh myself prior to starting the Whole30, but I can without a doubt feel that I’ve lost weight and inches around my waist.  In fact, my pants and some tops are fitting me different.

In fact, on Saturday, I wore one of my favorite pairs of camouflage jeans and although they still looked nice.  They were looser.  In a way, I was bummed because I really like those jeans, and I thought to myself ‘What if I can’t find them in a smaller size’ then I thought well hey this is a good thing and they’re only jeans.  How dare I stress over a pair of jeans being loose after only 3 weeks of Whole30.  This is great progress.

As I stride into Whole30 Week3, I’m going to continue to keep my meals and snack simple.  I’m a little hesitate to eat out, so I will continue to plan ahead, so I will have food at my finger tips.

For my snacks, I’m obsessed with:

  • Unsweetened applesauce and now I’ve added a little cinnamon to the mix
  • Oven baked plantains
  • Sliced cucumbers with a little rice vinegar, salt and Italian seasoning
  • A small fruit smoothie
  • Fresh fruit

For my protein, I eat:

  • Salmon croquettes
  • Roasted shrimp
  • Seared salmon
  • Pan fried fish in extra virgin olive oil
  • Marinated chicken
  • Minimal red meat

For my starch, I eat:

  • Oven baked fries (using Yukon gold potatoes or sweet potatoes)

For my veggies, I eat:

  • Roasted broccoli
  • Roasted broccolini
  • Roasted butternut squash
  • Roasted carrots
  • Green cabbage
  • Sauteed kale
  • Roasted beets
  • Zucchini

Key takeaways: Keep it simple, easy, and do not make day 1 of Whole30 or Whole30 Week 3 feel like work.  Stay motivated and if you feel as though you’re getting board, look for other ways to spice up your meals.  More importantly, feel good about yourself and the progress you’ve made.

Stay tuned for Whole30 Week 4…

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