Whole30 Week 4

Whole30 Week 4 - A challenge I initially thought would be difficult turned out to be fairly easy and my body feels and looks great. Commitment and Motivation brought about total Success.

whole30 week 4 success story

Whole30 Week 4 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!  I’ve been super busy these past two weeks and didn’t get a chance to post my week 4 update.  So, here it is…This post is a couple of weeks late.  Today, I am so pleased to announce that I made it through my journey successfully.   It was a great experience, and I learned so much along the way.

If you’ve read my journey from the beginning, you’ll know that I didn’t do this for the weight lost nor do I have any other issues such as medical ailments, sleep problems, low energy, brain frog or things of that nature.  So, why?  Why did I put myself through 30 whole days of restricting my food intake.  Again, if you’ve read my story from the beginning, you’ll learn that I started the Whole30 to challenge myself mentally and to test my will-power as it relates to food, and I came out on top – YESSSS!!!!

I learned so much along the way even as my Week 4 of Whole30 was coming to an end.  In summary, when I look back, I’m surprised:

  • How much of my meals (prior to the Whole30) were filled with gluten, dairy, sugar, and legumes
  • Not knowing that certain fruits and veggies were deemed dirty even after washing (see list)
  • How much I can actually tolerate eggs
  • I enjoyed grabbing veggies as a snack food instead of always going for fruit
  • Eating left-over lunch or dinner for breakfast are great options when you’re on the Whole30
  • Not to over think it…keeping meals simple = success
  • How helpful the Whole30 Instagram feed/stories were for inspiration
  • When faced with food challenges while on the Whole30, think about your end goal and the closer you are to that goal as each day passes
  • Staying committed is KEY, I never wanted to start over and I couldn’t imagine messing up and started over from DAY 1 that was not an option, at least for me
  • Meal prepping was so convenient and lessened my temptation and desire to have food that were not Whole30 compliant
  • Making this way of eating, feel apart of my daily lifestyle and not just something I was doing for the time being

Even after Whole30 Week 4, I didn’t have a strong desire to go back to my previous way of eating.  Although I ate fairly healthy prior to my journey, I wasn’t craving anything in particular.  I did miss:

  • Dairy such as Greek yogurt and frozen yogurt
  • Quinoa
  • Beans
  • Homemade pizza


Now for the results, drum roll please… at the end of week 4 of Whole30, I did begin to sleep better.  In the prior weeks, I reported no change.  But, recently I noticed an improvement which I begin to notice as of last Monday morning when I had awaken.  I felt so refreshed and well rested.  I even told my mom but at the time I didn’t think much of it.  My only thought is that it’s attributed to the Whole30.

As mentioned earlier, I didn’t do this for weight lost which is why I didn’t weigh myself prior to my Whole30 challenge.  However, I did take one measurement just as a reference point for my own knowledge or if someone happened to ask.  The one measurement that I did take was around my waist.  From Day 1 of my Whole30 up until the end of week 4, I’ve lost 1.5 inches around my waist.  My arms feel slimmer and some of my clothing fit differently.  I would lie if i say that ‘m not happy with the results but my point is that potential weight lost was not my motivation.

I didn’t have any noticeable differences in energy level or clearer skin as I didn’t have issues in those areas prior.

Overall, I feel great and am so happy that I took on this challenge.  It was a wonderful experience and well worth it.  I would take on this challenge again.

Because this post is a week late, I’ve already started the reintroduction phase.  I’ve reintroduced quinoa back into my body without any side-effects.  I’m still feeling great.

If you would like to follow my Whole30 journey from the beginning to out the following posts:

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If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below.

Have you also completed the Whole30?  I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my story.


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