About Cooking with Bliss

About Cooking with Bliss

Hi there and welcome.  My name is Cree, and I’m so happy you stopped by to learn a little about me, and my love for food, photography, and great company.

I’m not a chef nor do I pretend to be.  I have no professional training just a loving family full of taste-testers who are up for sampling my little creations.  Through trial-and-error and experimentation, I’ve grown to feel comfortable with my cooking abilities and sharing family recipes.  I would be honored if you stick around in hopes of finding healthy recipes for easy and quick dinner ideas or decadent desserts that’s simple to make and won’t break the bank.  You can prepare healthy dishes for your family that’s simple, uses minimal ingredients, has loads of flavor, and economical.  You should never sacrifice taste for eating a healthy and wholesome meal.

I am a true food enthusiast and am always brainstorming about easy and quick dinner ideas to share.  My preference is cooking with fresh ingredients and mostly homemade.  Although it requires a little planning, most of my meals can be cooked in under 30 minutes but taste as if I spent hours in the kitchen.  I am a huge fan of easy and quick dinner ideas, but am overjoyed when I only spend a short period of time in the kitchen.

By the way, I have a major obsession for desserts.  My sweet-tooth can get a little out of control but this is one of those obsessions that I refuse to give up.  For some reason, I can feel stuffed and wouldn’t even think about going back for more but when it comes to desserts all bets are off – I’m all in.  With that being said, you are sure to get some decadent desserts every now and again.  So, why not indulge yourself.  Yes, I said it.  Remember it’s all about moderation.  Easy and quick dinner ideas that are healthy accompanied by a sweet obsession – in moderation, is a good thing.

I’m super excited to share my new found love, ‘Cooking with Bliss’. With this blog of easy and quick dinner ideas, I’m hoping to take you on a journey whereby you become inspired by: eating healthier, spending less time in the kitchen or simply realizing that eating healthy can be affordable.

In addition to taking my recipes to the next level, I’ve been practicing food photography.  My goal is to capture the most beautiful images to accompany each recipe.

On a personal note, I try my best to live my life with a purpose, not taking anything for granted and being appreciative of my family and my life.

Thanks for visiting.

You can feel free to contact me here or email me at cree@cookingwithbliss.com