Vegetable Salad with Lettuce

Vegetable Salad with Lettuce - This beautiful green simple salad is made with fresh sugar snap peas, green beans, English cucumber and dressed in a simple vinaigrette. This is the perfect Spring or Summer salad to serve to your family and friends. Simple salads do not have to be boring. Challenge yourself to take your salad game to the next level by adding other varieties of veggies.

overhead shot of vegetable salad with lettuce

Vegetable Salad with Lettuce, a bright and vibrant salad, that’s perfect for spring or summer.   Impress your family and friends by taking your salad game to the next level. Continue Reading…

Whole30 Week 4

Whole30 Week 4 - A challenge I initially thought would be difficult turned out to be fairly easy and my body feels and looks great. Commitment and Motivation brought about total Success.

whole30 week 4 success story

Whole30 Week 4 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!  I’ve been super busy these past two weeks and didn’t get a chance to post my week 4 update.  So, here it is… Continue Reading…

Whole30 Week 3

Whole30 Week 3 - I'm still at it and feeling good. Nothing can stop me now. I'm in this wholeheartedly and staying disciplined. I can't stress enough how simplicity played a key role in helping with my success.

whole30 week 3

Whole30 Week 3 – I’m at the home stretch and feeling good.  Continue Reading…

Pan Seared Salmon Recipe

Pan Seared Salmon Recipe - The perfect quick and easy dinner that can be turned into a casual weeknight dinner or an elegant weekend dinner for two. Just think a beautiful dish that's ready in under 15 minutes. Although it's made with minimal ingredients, this salmon recipe offers a burst of flavor that will have you wanting more.

Pan Seared Salmon Recipe

Pan Seared Salmon Recipe – A delicious 10 minute recipe that will truly have you wanting more.  It’s crispy on the outside yet moist and tender on the inside. Once you’ve mastered the art of searing, this simple yet flavorful dish will become a dinner staple in your home. Continue Reading…

Whole30 Week 2

WHOLE30 WEEK 2 - I GOT THIS!! There's no stopping me. I've followed Whole30 to the 'T' and have been so proud of myself. No sweat, tears or over-complicated recipes. Keeping it simple and steady.

whole30 week 2

Whole30 Week 2 – A week of ease and simplicity.  Continue Reading…

Whole30 Week 1

Whole30 Week 1 - I'm happy to report that my first week went well. No sugar, no gluten, no soy, no flour among other things, and I survived. If you're thinking of going Whole30, check out how things went my first week.

Whole30 Week 1

Whole30 Week 1 DONE… feeling good.  Continue Reading…